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Otter Box Defender Case For iPhone 5 Review

A few weeks ago, I accidentally dropped my iPhone and its screen shattered. I got it fixed for $140 but then too it didn’t work and I had to...

Picking The Right iPhone Bike Mount

iPhone Bike Mount Selection

You may feel uncomfortable or your phone may fall out if you are using it while cycling by keeping it in your pockets.

You can use an iPhone Bike Mount to use your iPhone while cycling. This bike mount is situated on the handlebar of your bike and it secures your iPhone . Thereby making your iPhone extremely safe to use. Many of you might be willing to know about the best iPhone bike mounts present in the market. Here is a guide to help your selection:

iPhone Bike Mount

This is a very easy to use holder for your iPhone. You can easily fix this holder on to your handlebars without any tools. The holder is designed for use in landscape mode however you can use your iPhone in both landscape and portrait mode with the rotating base plate.

Picking The Right iPhone Bike Mount

Krusell Bike Mount
Krusell Bike Mount will not work on its own unless your iPhone is in the Krusell Classic case or the Krusell Orbit Flex. I prefer the Krusell Classic case although both the cases offer equal protection. This case will give complete protection to your phone as it covers your phone completely. The plastic sheet given for protecting your phone will not hamper any functionality of your iPhone.

This bike mount stays in place because of the Multidapt clip and is held locked on the handle bar. You will need to push the clip further if you desire to lock the orientation of your iPhone. This product has received good reviews but it is a bit cumbersome to unlock the phone from the handle bar.

Stabilo Bike Mount with Cradles
This is a very flexible bike Mount. You can easily adjust this bike mount with its extendible arm. You may probably not need it. The angle of the mount can be adjusted at the base easily. This bike mount would fix to your bike with clamp & allen keys. This would mean that it will be difficult to fix it if it becomes loose.

6 Christmas Gift Ideas For iPhone Users

Most of my friends, colleagues and family members own an iPhone. iphone-Christmas-Gift-IdeasSo, I thought of giving a useful iPhone accessory as Christmas gift this year. Choose what fits your wallet!

1. Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset For iPhone

The Plantronics Voyager Pro delivers extremely good sound in noisy situations. This means that even if you are standing in the middle of the road during a traffic jam you’ll still be able to hear the your calls loud and clear.

The Plantronics Voyager Pro is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than other headsets that tuck into your ear canal, since it’s 0.6-ounce weight is distributed over your entire ear.

Please refer my previous post on Plantronics Voyager Pro Review for more details.

2. iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder for iPhone 5 4S 4

Find out more details about the Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder for iPhone

3. Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset

Checkout other types of iPhone Earphones here.

4. Philips Fidelio DS3000 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Click here to find out more about the Philips Fidelio DS3000.

5. Splash Velocity II Sport Armband Case for iPhone 5 with Shell case

If you know someone who just bought a iPhone 5 and is into fitness then this gift is ideal. It can be used while running, exercising at the gym etc

The arm strap is adjustable for any arm size and is also comfortable to wear. The Splash Velocity II Sport Armband Case for iPhone 5 with Shell case is made with Neoprene material surrounded by a polyurethane frame.

It is reinforced with a thin cotton stitching for durable use.

6. OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5

OtterBox Defender series

This is a great Christmas gift for anyone who owns an iPhone 5. OtterBox Defender Series Case has over 750 reviews on Amazon and has a 4 star rating which indicates a happy customer base.

Read my review on OtterBox Case for iPhone 5.

Anything other Christmas gift ideas for iPhone users you can recommend?

Different Types Of Screen Protectors For iPhone

The screen of your iPhone gets scratches and fingerprint marks over a period of time. You can get rid of these by using a Clear Screen Protector. These screen protectors are available at all cell phone stores and electronic stores. It will take just a few minutes to cover your phone screen with a screen protector. This screen protector will not only prevent your phone’s screen from fingerprints and scratches but also prevent it from breaking if the phone slips from your accidentally.
iphone5 screen protector

Mirror Screen Protector

This will make your phone act like a mirror in standby mode.

It is used to prevent the screen of your iPhone from getting any scratches or fingerprints. This screen would turn to a personal mirror when the power of the phone is turned off. Whereas when the screen is turned on the screen would become transparent and you can access the features of your iPhone. Young Teenage girls are very fond of this kind of screen protector.

If you want to get a mirror screen protector, it is quite simple. These Screen protectors are available in different shapes and sizes which make it easier to fit any device or brand. You don’t need to worry about the sensitivity of your touchscreen as this screen protector will preserve that.

Screen Protectors For iPhone

Anti- glare iPhone Screen protector

This screen protector will give a Matt finish to your iPhone and even prevent oil smudges. These screen protectors are not only scratch resistant but also fingerprint resistant.

The protective cover is not just a screen protector but much more than that. It protects the front screen as well as the back cover of your iPhone with a protective film.
This protector will cover all parts of your iPhone and will provide safety against all sorts of scratches. It will take a little more time than to install this screen protector than the normal screen guard.
It comes with a Matt-look and anti slip grip. Anti-glare screen protector is useful to protect your screen from scratches and fingerprints without any affect on the sensitivity of the touchscreen along with an anti-glare screen.

Getting an Anti-glare screen protector will be beneficial for the safety of your iPhone and won’t harm your iPhone in any way.

iPhone Privacy Screen Protector

One thing I hate when traveling and using the iPhone is the fact that others can see my iPhone screen. Looking at other people’s iPhone screen seem to be a past time of some people!

If you travel a lot or use your phone in public locations and at the same time have various confidential or private then you should opt for a privacy screen protector.

Otter Box Defender Case For iPhone 5 Review

A few weeks ago, I accidentally dropped my iPhone and its screen shattered. I got it fixed for $140 but then too it didn’t work and I had to return it to get a new iPhone.

Otterbox Defender Case will protect my iPhone from any accidental damage in future as these cases have been designed to withstand height damages of 3.5 feet or more.

Click here to find out more details about Otter Box Defender Case For iPhone 5

This case has a clean look with a snap plastic case, a belt holster to hold your iPhone securely and a rubber lining to ensure proper grip to your iPhone.

Otter Box Defender comes with a protection of 3 layers which includes the inner shell made of poly-carbonate, a screen protector and an outer layer made of silicone. All these layers make sure that your iPhone is protected and can easily withstand shocks along with providing a guard against dirt and dust.

Your iPhone is well protected in the plastic case with a padded back in the Otter Box Defender Case.

The outer layer of silicone stays in its place and beautifully wraps around the device. It will not be easy to open the device otherwise and you will have to make an effort to open the outer flap. To start your device you should simply pull near the Home Button.

The buttons of Defender have been covered which give a nice feeling while touching. All the ports and buttons (including Home and Sleep/Wake) are easy to operate and function well. You will not notice the clear screen protector which will protect your screen for any kind of scratches. You will feel like you are actually touching the screen as there is no air gap between the screen and the plastic texture of the Defender. You can easily attach this to your belt with the detachable belt clip which is made up of black plastic and can easily rotate in any direction.

Bluetooth Headset For iPhone – Plantronics Voyager Pro Review

If you’re looking for a durable and efficient Bluetooth Headset, then the Plantronics Voyager Pro is the device for you. Offering the best audio quality money can buy, the only drawback is its apparent large size made so to house its enormous battery pack.

This device offers noise cancellation at its best. The first method is by protecting the microphones through several layers of wind screens. The second method is via a noise cancellation filter. This filter prevents the dilution of incoming sound, from all other sources. The microphone is of the highest quality and is flexible enough to be adjusted as per your convenience.

Bluetooth Headset For iPhoneIn terms of battery life, it provides excellent results. It can sustain its functions at up to 6 hours of continuous talking time and 120 hours in standby mode. The large battery pack attached facilitates this and also makes it a tad bit bulky in built. Accessories included in the kit contain 2 foam ear buds, 3 ear buds and USB connectible wall charger.

In spite of being bulky, the Voyager Pro is surprisingly easy to wear. All you need to do is pace the battery pack around your ears, lodge the ear piece in place and the device is ready to be used. Now you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in these. The extending arm sits comfortably on the crook of your ear. The soft rubber gel exterior reduces chances of chafing and makes the user experience, extremely enjoyable.

Find out more details about the Plantronics Voyager Pro

Bluetooth Headset For iPhoneThe microphone is extended from the ear piece and is a durable boom microphone. Pivoted on a swivel, this can be adjusted according to the convenience and can be brought closer to the mouth. The ear piece can also be rotated to be worn in either ear. You will have to reach all the way to the back of the earpiece to locate the power button. The button for receiving calls is located at the backside of the earpiece. The boom microphone is further protected by two Wind Smart screens which shield the microphone from additional noise from the wind. In case of a malfunction, the LED indicator installed will come on.

In every way the Plantronics Voyager Pro is a winning device choice. The superior sound quality and ergonomics design makes it the most user friendly device till date. This device is a must buy for your money’s worth.

Find out more details about the Plantronics Voyager Pro

5 Best iPhone Earphones Reviewed

About a week ago, one of the earphones that came by default with my iPhone suddenly stopped working. So I was compelled to buy another set and had to look around to find the best iPhone earphones. Here’s a summary of my findings. (Which one do you think I ended up buying?)

1. Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset

If you’re looking for good quality earphones with the best sound to value ratio, then this device right here is the one you should root for.

The S4i is one stylish and tech-savvy headphone which can be made available in colors matching your iPhone device.

The only disadvantage of owning this headphone is its lack of durability. If you handle your headphones in a rough manner, then checked a more robust earphone below.

2. Velodyne vPulse

If you’re a bass junkie, then you should definitely invest in these bass thumping earphones. While the S4ican deliver lovely performances in terms of mids and highs at elevated volumes, the vPulse is also not far behind.

Their flat cords are a boon for people who are afflicted by tangled cords. The earplugs are L-shaped, which prevents wear; tear in the long run. In order to assist you in getting the perfect fit, this comes with 4 different sized ear buds made of silicone of the highest quality.

3. Diddybeats by Dr.Dre Blk In-Ear Headphones from Monster

Fans of Dr. Dre need to invest in this merchandise not only to up their collections but also to invest in the superior sound quality. The bass sounds lovely in these earphones without being distorted or cracked.

4. Klipsch ImageS5i Rugged

If you are looking for a beta version of the S4i but with the durability features added, then the S5i is the earphone set made especially for you. These earphones are especially sturdy and built for athletic wear and tear without compromising on the superior sound quality.

Waterproof and tangle-free, these earphones spell luxury in the guise of durability. Now you can stuff these earphones into your pocket without fearing for their well being.

Find out more details about the Klipsch ImageS5i Rugged

5. Maximo IP-595

You should buy the IP-595 just for its sleek design if not for its superior sound quality. The exterior contains gleaming metal ear tips along with a cloth wrapped wire covering. In terms of the sound, these earphones lower the bass to make it sound upbeat and natural. The earphones come with a set of 3 ear buds, a carrying case and a nifty shirt clip.

visit Maximo IP-595 for more information.

Review For IPhone Baby Monitor – Withings Smart Baby Monitor

When it comes to looking after babies, parents have a huge responsibility to fulfill. They need to be fed, kept well, should be regularly checked up on when they sleep or wake up from their naps. Their helplessness is the sole reason why parents should ideally provide for them. That is why it is important to monitor them.
Review For IPhone Baby Monitor
While some parents choose to peek in through cracks in doors, some install baby monitors for an ultimate peace of mind. In this case Withings Smart Baby Monitor comes as a boon because it also checks for the temperature humidity settings in the room along with the activity of your baby, all through remote access.

How to Use the IPhone Baby Monitor

This device is very easy to program. All you have to do is fix it to a power outlet and group it with your device containing iOS technology. This connection can be made via Bluetooth and the setup is rendered complete in less than 5 minutes.

The alert setup on this baby monitor is equipped with personalized tones of alert for any form of interference, changes in temperature or humidity. This change in the environment is converted to a text alert and you are notified immediately. The sensors are sensitive and thus must be set accordingly to register real emergencies. This system provides a lot of space and time for you to allow notification settings.

Click here to find out more details

By using an IP camera and a mobile app like Live Cams Pro, you can setup the baby monitor. This process is much like setting up your IP address for something recognizable. This will allow you to monitor your baby via remote access. Whether you are in your own home or on a trip to the supermarket, you will be able to sign in from anywhere and keep an eye out on your baby.

This system supports multiple monitoring accounts simultaneously. This means that you and your spouse can monitor your baby using the same account from different locations. This is also a favorable setting for close relatives who do not get to visit very often.

The humidity tracker is a novel addition to its lineup. This will help the parent keep track of the air dryness in arid seasons.

Why Should I Invest Money on this IPhone Baby Monitor?

In terms of all the other video baby monitors in the market, this is easily the most reliable one to root for. The terms of use and fairly simple and the product is extremely easy to configure. Plus to be able to view your child remotely through your iPhone is a boon in itself!
One would recommend you to buy this monitor. For all the features that this product can provide, it is by far the best in the market.

find out more details about the iphone baby monitor

6 iPhone Accessories You Must Own

1. iPhone Screen Guard

You may try hard and you may try all your life, but the simple fact is that if you own a cell phone, you will end up scratching its screen. Moreover, if that’s an iPhone, the chances are increased all the more. For that reason, it’s important to protect it. Thankfully, there are many options, with dealers even offering lint cleaning cloths.

SPIGEN Ultra Crystal iPhone 5 Screen Protector

2. iPhone Case

You automatically get a glass case cover upon purchasing an iPhone. Don’t take the risk and go that extra mile in purchasing a leather case for that extra layer of protection from the elements.

3. iPhone Car charger

You are likely to run out of battery on extended periods of time while on the go and charging the device from a home socket might not present itself that often. That’s why it is imperative that you buy a car charger so that your phone gets charged on the go and you can use it uninterrupted.
iPhone Car charger

4. Charge and sync dock

There is always that cable you can use to charge and sync your device while not on the go, but it’s cumbersome and there’s always danger of the iPod lying flat on the table. A charging and sync dock is all you need to end your worries.

5. Bluetooth headset

It’s always a pleasure to hold an iPhone but in the real world scenario there are cases where you absolutely need both of your hands for things like cooking and driving and stuff. Go ahead and buy a bluetooth headset to ensure that you are always connected even without touching your phone!

6. iPhone Docks

Docks and cradles come in many shapes and sizes, and they have a multitude of features too, for your desk or for your car. Some have clocks and some have speakers built into them. Select the one that suits you best.

4 Best iPhone In Car Accessories

The iPhone has become an indispensable part of our daily life and we are not even able to imagine our lives without this piece of electronics on our hands. iPhone in car accessories
iPhone has many accessories and most of them can be used for enhancing your user experience of this wonder gadget and help you get more out of your iPhone.

The use of iPhone in your car is vital for
1. safeguarding the iPhone from damage
2. to use it in a convenient and safe way while you are driving

Thus, you need to use a good iPhone car mount holder.

Here are a few types of iPhone in car accessories available in the present day market

1. TomTom car kit for iPhone

It’s one of the popular iPhone car holders, designed in such a way that it adds much to the safety of not only your iPhone but also your safety as it helps you drive safely even while driving your car viewing your iPhone. This has many useful features like embedded GPS receiver, a microphone and speaker to make hands free calling and to receive loud voice directions from your GPS set.

The secure docking mount is the most important feature and it holds your iPhone in any convenient position you want in a safe way with ability to use it both in landscape as well portrait modes. The kit can charge your iPhone and can even play your music by connecting it to your music system through the optional audio cable.



Check out more details about the TomTom car kit for iPhone

2. Gogroove FlexSmart 4i

This is more than just a car mount system for your iPhone. Apart from holding your iPhone in place in your car it performs more functions such as a Hi-Fi FM transmitter and acts as a good charger for your iPhone.

The Gogroove FlexSmart 4i also comes with an easy to use frequency finder along with a flexi pod arrangement that plugs directly into your DC car outlet that can be used for charging the iphone. The frequency changing options are easy to do with LED display on the front panel.




3. Arkon IPM 511 Sun Visor Mount


The Arkon IPM 511 Sun Visor Mount is one of the most iPhone in car accessories and it is used for holding your iPhone while you are traveling in your car. It uses the sun visor mounting technology with its AP2T- 17 mm grip and SP- SBH-KIT swivel adopter that can be turned 360 degrees.

This comes at an affordable price and it can be fixed and removed from your car easily.






4. Spiderpodium iPhone car mount


This is a simple but very effective and ergonomic iPhone mount from the popular brand of Breffo. It is made of completely flexible material and this helps you to hold or place your iPhone at any angle or any position.
The main advantage of the device is that it can be attached to the car at any place even on the back of the seats thus adding to the comfort level in using your Apple device in any way you like.




Would love to hear your experience with iPhone car holders.
What your favorite iPhone car accessory? Do you already own any of the above?
Leave a comment below.

How To Choose An iPhone Car Mount Holder

The iPhone has become one of the most indispensable gadgets for everyone and you can hardly find any person without it. The iPhone is not a cheap one and you have to take good care of it as it is not the one that you can buy every other day.
You will need a iPhone car mount holder,
1. If you are a person who travels a lot in your vehicle
2. At the same time have to view your iPhone while driving it or
3. If you use it to direct you to your destination by using your iPhone GPS etc

iPhone Car Mount Holder
This helps you to safely keep your iPhone in your car and use it when you are traveling in your car or other vehicles. But you have to be careful in selecting your phone holder as you can find a lot of products in this category.

There are certain crucial things you must know before buying your iPhone car mount holder. If you go through the features and your requirements first, you don’t need to worry about damaging your iPhone during travel.

Decide how the phone holder will be fixed to your dashboard

This is very vital aspect as the type of fixing to the car dashboard is a determining factor that is going to ensure the safety of your iPhone. Choose the one that uses the Proclip type fixture that will keep your iPhone at the place where you keep it till you take it. This type of mounting device does not cause any damage to your dashboard.

Universal car mount

Available options,
iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder for iPhone 5 4S 4

Worldshopping® iphone 5 Car Mount Holder Adjustable Windshield Air Suction

Agility of the car mount holder

The mounting system you use in your car must be flexible and be able to be shifted to any position in an easy way so that you can use the iPhone easily. So, see if the iPhone car mount holder you want to buy can be installed in different ways and positions easily. For this it is better to go for the car mounts that have been manufactured specially for the iPhone model you are having now.

Bear in your mind that the universal phone mountings that are available as one fits for all models, but you cannot assure the degree of safety to your iPhone as you expect. It is better to avoid them and go for the ones that are especially made for your particular iPhone model.

iphone car mount

Battery recharging facility

The modern day iPhones are designed for continuous use and run many critical applications that you must have them on at all times. Your iPhone needs more power and you can find a iPhone car mount holder that can be used for recharging the iPhone battery automatically when you keep your iPhone on the Phone holder.
This is an additional but a much needed feature and it is always better to make sure that the iPhone car mount holder you want to buy has this automatic charging facility.
Check out the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone with Adapter Plate

USB connectivity

Yet another added feature is the ability to connect your iPhone to your car accessories through the USB connectivity. Certain advanced iPhone car mount models in the market provided this additional feature as well. Make sure that the model you want to buy is able to give this additional facility.

Do not forget that the iPhone holder is a necessity in the present days to secure the costly and sensitive iPhone safely in your car and make the phone available to you whenever you want. For all these select the right iPhone car mount holder for your iPhone so that you and your iPhone can travel together for a long time in a safe and secure way.

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